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Primary Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 Tutoring

Key Stage 2 Primary Year (Year 3-6) is the educational stage in England and Wales for pupils aged 7 to 11. The curriculum for Key Stage 2 includes the core subjects of English, Mathematics, and Science, as well as a range of foundation subjects such as history, geography, art, music, and physical education.

We prepare students for National Curriculum Tests (often referred to as “SATs” in English and Mathematics. These tests are designed to assess pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the curriculum and are used to determine pupils’ progress and achievement.

Our tuition classes for Key Stage 2 pupils focus on specific subjects, such as English and Mathematics, or may cover a range of subjects to help pupils prepare for the National Curriculum Tests.

Our classes are aligned with the National Curriculum and are taught by qualified and experienced teachers.

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Online Math, English, and Science
Tutoring Service

Our team of experienced and qualified Key Stage 2 ages 7-11 (Years 3-6). Our tutors are dedicated to helping students excel in their studies. We offer online Math, English, and Science tutoring for students in Key Stage 2. Here are some of the key features of our tutoring services:


Reading comprehension and analysis
Writing skills, including grammar and punctuation
Vocabulary development
Reading fluency and expression


Number operations and calculations
Measurement and geometry
Data handling and statistics
Problem-solving and reasoning


Life processes and living things
Materials and their properties
Physical processes
Scientific inquiry and experimentation


Local, British, and world history
Chronological understanding
Historical inquiry and interpretation


Physical and human geography
Location and place knowledge
Environmental and sustainability issues
Map skills and fieldwork


Understanding and using technology
Programming and coding
Digital literacy and online safety

Art and Design:

Creativity and imagination
Understanding and using art and design techniques
Appreciation and analysis of art and design

Physical Education:

Developing physical literacy and physical fitness
Understanding and applying principles of movement and coordination
Teamwork and competition

All of the subjects will be taught in an interactive and engaging way, to make sure that students are able to understand and retain the material covered in class.

Year 6 SATS exam preparation program!

Get your child ready for success with our comprehensive Year 6 SATS exam preparation program! Our program provides targeted practice, expert guidance, and a supportive environment to help students feel confident and prepared for the big day. With a focus on the key subjects and a personalized approach to learning, our program gives students the tools they need to achieve their full potential on the SATS exam.

Don’t let stress and uncertainty hold your child back, give them the gift of success with our Year 6 SATS exam preparation program!

Why Choose Personal Tutors at KS2 Level?

Personal tutors at the KS2 level offer a unique and personalized approach to learning that can help students excel. With individualized attention, tailored lessons, and a focus on areas where a student may need improvement, a personal tutor can provide a supportive and engaging learning experience. This results in increased confidence, improved grades, and a love for learning that can last a lifetime. Choose a personal tutor for your child today and give them the gift of academic success!

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